CHANGEMAKER Film project



The film’s shooting is schedule for September and October 2018, focusing on the current situation of individuals fleeing the Venezuelan crisis and highlighting the action of people trying to help to make change.

On the one hand, we want to meet people who are in direct contact with refugees and explain what is possible to do in this kind of situation. What they need and what they do.

It would be really interesting to film UNHCR actions in Boa Vista and other mostly affected cities in the border. Following the aim to show the magnitude of the situation and the tasks to be accomplished. As well as, the commitment of people who are engaged for a common interest.
For this, we are going to meet local people, and ask them about how they live in order to expose what remains crucial to be solved or relieved in this massive influx of people in need.

CARITAS may offer us the opportunity to film their operations with resettlement of refugees in Rio de Janeiro. This perspective would be relevant to bring light onpolitical and economic repercussions related to the reception and integration of refugees in Brazil.

On the other hand, we want to meet people who fled their home to find a safer place.
Their testimony is a powerful plea to the forbidden cause. Their faces become symbols and their story ours.

In order , to film the origin of their despair, this film will also explore the situation in Venezuela, by showing the political and economic crisis that forces them to flee.
This film do not hold the purpose to give clear answers on the origin of the crisis, but to observe its consequences.

Interviews will be made by following people in their day-life activities, and different points of views will be combined, in order to create a clear image of whatis happening at the borders.